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As of January 30, 2013


The Terms of Use is the contract that binds you with Alta Data (the Editor) of The Official Board ® (the Service). By using this website (the Site), you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and to respect any laws.

If you do not fully accept these Terms of Use, you cannot use the Service in any manner whatsoever.

Those Terms of Use may be amended from time to time without notice. It is your responsibility to check it. Your continued use after the effective change constitutes your acceptance of an agreement to such changes. The previous version will be kept for you on the Site as a reference.

Purpose of the Site

The Site is a platform for exchange of professional contacts. It acts as a trusted third party between its Members.


The Editor grants you a non-exclusive license of consultation of its data (the Content) for a personal and individual use.

This license is not assignable or transferable. This license forbids you to reproduce or represent all or part of the Content, to communicate, to distribute, and generally to provide third-party content in any manner whatsoever, for free or otherwise. It prohibits you and others from any acts of resale, rental, loan or exchange and from any uses of robot, spider or automatic device to access or copy our database.


The Content

The listed companies (Companies) have an annual turnover in excess of 100 million U.S. $. It is likely to evolve in the future. For each company, the information (the Company Information) collected is its name, its company website, its mother company, its country of registration and its industry.

In each company, the listed executives (Executives) belong to the first 3 reporting levels: the President and the Board of Directors, the direct reports of the President and their direct reports.

For each Executive, the information (the Executive Information) collected is the first and last names, the business e-mail, the business title and the reporting line.

The Company Information and the Executive Information can be supplemented beyond the current Information, with information such as the history of their updates, their professional phone numbers or with some additional references collected on the web.*


The Service for the visitors

For each Company, the Site provides free access to some Company Information and for some of its executives some Executive Information.

A search engine allows access to all Companies, to sort them by industry or by country of registration.

The other services can only be used by the Members.


The rights of the Members

A Member is an individual who has registered himself with his real name, a valid e-mail address and who has accepted to the Terms of Use. It entitles him to an account opening access to the Services. Each person can have only one account. Each Member certifies that he is a capable adult of more than 18 years old.

This account allows searching and sorting the Companies and their Executives, thanks to several fields including name, title, industry, country or the last update date.

Most of the information is free for the Members except some harder to obtain information which can only be seen on the principle - When I provide one piece of information to the community of Members, I can view more than 10 pieces of information -.

A rate of exchange is used to rule the exchange of information between a Member and the community of the Members. The currency of exchange among Members is called the Taler. The rate of exchange is available on the Site and is likely to evolve.

Each Member has an account detailing the available Service, the Talers he has earned and the Talers he has spent. The earned Talers cannot be sold exchanged or transferred. Each viewed information and its updates, is available by the Member free of charge for one year. Each Taler has a validity of the 3 years after its date of acquisition.

The Site will do its best efforts to process any update by a Member on the Executive Information or the Company Information reported as inexact or outdated within the 72 hours of receiving the notice. Each Member can close his account at any times. The closure will not entitle any compensation and any reimbursement. The Site will do its best efforts to close the account within the 72 hours of receiving the demand.


The duties of the Members

Each Member undertakes to make its best efforts to provide accurate and sincere information and, to immediately report information that appears wrong to him. Each Member pledges to provide only information that he has the right to provide and that does not violate the intellectual property rights of anyone.

Each Member undertakes to use the Site with professional responsibility, respecting the privacy and rights of everyone. Any Member who does not comply with the conditions and Terms of Use, agrees to be immediately removed without compensation. A Member whose account has been suspended or closed cannot open another account.

Each account is personal. Each Member is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his password. In case of doubt, the Member must immediately contact the Site [email protected].


Three levels of Service for the Members

There are 3 levels of Services: NetWorker, Premium and VIP detailed here.

The first level is the NetWorker Member. The access is free. It allows the Member to view, search, sort, update Company Information and Executive Information, and to schedule up to 20 e-mails alerts on Companies of his choice.

The second level is the Premium Member. The access is fee-based. It provides with a broader service beyond the NetWorker services. It includes scheduling of targeted alerts by roles, countries or industries and contacting listed Executives by e-mail through our platform.

Yet, some Executives might be unreachable because, we do not have yet a valid business e-mail or the Executives have opted not to receive e-mails. This is indicated in their Executive Information.

The Executive’s email is not communicated by the Site to the Member. Only the Executive, upon the receiving of the Member’s email decide to provide the Member his email. The Member Email is indicated to the receiving Executive for him to decide to answer directly rather than through our email platform.

The third level is the VIP Member. The access is fee-based. It gives access with a broader service than the premium service. It includes the possibility to receive lists of executives in CSV/Excel and to get assistance by email.

The fees are not refundable except if expressly stated.


Validation of Information provided by a Member

Each Information or piece of Information (Company Information or Executive Information) presented by a Member (the Contributor) must be certified as true and sincere by the Contributor.

The Site then checks the plausibility of the Information. If it does not seem plausible, the Member is asked to certify again the Information. If the Member does not within the next 72 hours, the information will be considered as Incorrect.

If the Site considers the Executive Information as plausible and if it has a valid business email of the involved Executive, the Site will ask the validation of the Executive.

1 / If the Executive confirms the information within 72 hours, the information will be considered as Correct and published with its publication date.

2 / If the Executive challenges the information within 72 hours, the Site asks for a confirmation or denial from the Contributor.

2a/ In case of denial of information by the Contributor or no response by the Contributor within 72 hours, the Information provided by the Contributor, will be considered as Incorrect.

2b/ In case of the confirmation of information by the Contributor, and if the Site can carry out further checks and consider the Information as Correct, the Information will be published.

2c/ In case of the confirmation of information by the Contributor, and if the Site cannot carry out further checks, the Information will not be considered as Correct or Incorrect for the Contributor, and will not be published.

3/ If the Executive cannot be reached by email, or if the Executive does not respond within 72 hours, or if the Information pertains to a Company, the information will be considered as Correct and published.

If the Information has not been disputed 7 days after being posted, the Contributor will be fully credited regardless of any future disputes.

For each known Member, the Site may provide a reliability index of the Member's contributions. This index is calculated, on the last 12 months period as its contributions minus its incorrect contributions divided by its contributions. If it does not remain above 80%, the Member Account could be cancelled without compensation.


Correct information and Incorrect information

Any contribution has to be certified by a Member, and is thus presumably correct. However, some details may have escaped the Member. Therefore, when information is considered Incorrect by a third party, the Site will notify the Contributor so that it can challenge the decision of the Site.

Incorrect information can be a name which is either misspelled or wrong (example: John vs. Jones, Maria vs. Jack), a reporting line which is erroneous (example: Peter reports to the President and not by the Sales Director), or a personal email address instead of a business e-mail ([email protected] vs. [email protected]). Updating such information will earn Talers for its author.

Information is not considered Incorrect if an abbreviation has been used on a title (VP Marketing vs. example. Vice President Marketing), a name (example: John D. vs. John, vs. Bob. Robert). Updating such information will bring a credit of 1 Taler to its author.

In case of confusion, The Site will decide as a last resort and the decision will not result in any compensation.


Rights and duties of the Executives

If the Site has a valid Executive e-mail, the Site will propose the Executive to become a NetWorker Member with preferential services including a priority process to check and update his data.

The Executive NetWorker account will prompt him to update his Executive information and allow him to opt not to receive e-mail from other Members. He will be informed of any change in his Information proposed by any Member, before the information is eventually published.



The Site is committed to respecting and to protecting your privacy. Your personal data including your e-mail address will not be sold, rented, traded or posted, except if required by the Law. Your acceptance of the Terms of Use, suppose your full acceptance of the collection of the use of your personal data as detailed in the Privacy Policy.



Despite all the care provided by the Editor for moderating and updating the content, it may contain errors or omissions, which you acknowledge and agree. You agree to use the Service "as it is" and any liability of any kind can be sought under this heading toward the Editor. The Editor may in no circumstances be held liable for the inability to use or to access the Service or access.


Intellectual property

The Content is an intellectual property on which the Editor holds exclusive rights of reproduction, representation, distribution and exploitation.



The Official Board is a registered trademark. Any use of this trademark or of the other trademarks and intellectual property titles mentioned in the Service, or on this Site are expressly excluded from this license and formally forbidden.


Applicable law and disputes

In case of dispute, only French law applies and Nanterre (France) courts have the exclusive jurisdiction, even if in warranty or multiple defendants. In case of conflict between the various language versions of the Term of Use, the French version will prevail.


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