Feed your database with verified executive data


Our enterprise data sets: 

Organizational Charts. This data feed is to grab the attention of decision-makers and refresh your CRM. In each company, the reporting lines for its 20-50 decision-makers with their names and business titles are displayed. 

Instant Executive Movements. This data feed is to detect market trends and business leads. It delivers 10 times more executive movements daily than usually available on news sites. 

Historical Executive Movements. This data set lists the daily executive movements for the last 5 years. These time-stamped datapoints are compelling components that permit you to predict your best opportunities.



Each data set is designed to feed your data-hungry algorithms, and to be actionable

They are updated in real time with the highest standard of quality and are GDPR compliant.

They permit extended data usages internally or externally. 

Their deliveries are fully automated.



Beyond the CEO, the board members and the key officers, each data feed cover the N-1 to the CEOs and the N-2 to the CEOs for all companies with revenue exceeding $100 million annually.

The companies included are not only the publicly traded companies but also private companies whether they are unicorns, Fortune 500 private companies or government-owned companies.

As such, our data feed provides vendors, analysts and investors with unmatchable real time coverage about decision makers at the most successful companies and their subsidiaries.


Each data set is personalizable:

 The company coverage can be set by industry, country and stock indexes.

 The executive coverage can be set by functions and reporting levels.

 The content can be delivered once, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

 The file formats include XML, CSV, Excel, JPEG and PDF.

 The data can be sent by SFTP  or email, accessed by REST API or through customized interfaces.

 Over 100 data fields can be selected.



Our corporate feed annual budgets spread between $10k and $80k a year. The pricing depends on the number of requested companies, the number of data fields and the usage. The rule of thumb is $1 per company organizational chart per year. 

For tighter budgets, Premium ($299) or VIP ($1999) options permit you to test the service with our core data fields, download excel files, be emailed personalized alerts and leverage our Rest API.


How can I learn more?

Please email us and tell us about your project at [email protected]. The more specific you are, the more we can share about what works (and more importantly what does not work).

We will recommend data fields, estimate data volume deliveries and send you samples. Please ask us any questions to secure a proposal matching your need.

We will send you a three-page data feed agreement describing the delivered data, their delivery details, their permitted use and the associated budget.


Please contact us to know more at [email protected].

Meanwhile, here are the most frequently asked questions from our corporate prospects.