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The Official Board is a global data boutique providing detailed corporate organizational charts and executive movement alerts in structured formats.

On our web site, you can view the real time organizational charts of the 80,000+ companies making over $100M in annual revenue. You can also schedule executive movement alerts with an individual access.

Personalized data feed also can be received daily or weekly into your corporate data lake to feed your data-hungry algorithms or to refresh your CRM.

The content is constantly updated with 700,000 reliable public corporate information sources and verified by email with the company executives.


Unparalleled insights into your preferred companies

Company organizational charts hold valuable insights into a company's strategy. After all, why would a company invest in positions like VP Growth, VP Data, or VP Generative AI if they weren't aligned with their strategic goals? 

The movements of executives offer real-time glimpses into a company's market execution. 

Whether you are a customer, investor, researcher, or vendor, organizational charts offer unparalleled insights into the companies you care about.


Discover a comprehensive view of company organizations

While other company data feeds may focus on top corporate officers or middle management roles, we delve deeper.

In addition to CEOs, board members, and key officers, we display the N-1 and N-2 positions within each organization, giving you a more complete picture.

Not only do we cover the parent company, but we also follow key subsidiaries both domestically and internationally. This gives you insider insights into the company's day-to-day operations by region and product.

Our coverage extends to all types of companies generating over $100M in annual revenue, whether they are publicly-traded, private unicorns, Fortune 500 private companies, or government-owned entities in any country.

No company is left out.


The best data at your fingertips

Collecting and verifying the data by yourself can be quite time-consuming.

But even after that, the challenge lies in maintaining current information. With 35 out of 100 executives changing titles within just a year, keeping up becomes daunting. It's a puzzle that can't be solved by individuals alone.

Luckily, we have the solution. Our team combines advanced algorithms, expert insights from trained analysts, and knowledge from our active member community of over 600,000 professionals.

If anything seems missing, just click. Each organizational chart comes with an instant message link to our analyst team. They will email you when adjustments are ready (usually within 24-48 hours).

Oh, and did we mention? Each executive move is verified by email to the executive, and you can try our data for free!


What we offer and where to find what we don't cover.

Our services are dedicated on corporate executives, including Board/CEO, N-1, and N-2 positions in the mother companies and their main subsidiaries. This typically includes decision-makers from large companies, ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 or more.

However, we do not provide coverage for N-3 and positions below in any organizational chart. To cover these roles, specialized phone companies and LinkedIn are great resources. 

We prioritize executive privacy and therefore do not provide executive email addresses. We ensure that your email is also protected. Some services exist to find out executives' emails. 

Be confident that the information we post is reliable, verified, and trustworthy. You can trust us to provide accurate, confirmed, real-time information, without any rumors or speculation.


We value (a lot) your feedback!

Please email us at [email protected] to share how we can improve our service. We strive to respond to inquiries promptly within 24 hours.



Company Information


Alta Data SAS
25 avenue du Centre
92210 Saint-Cloud, France 

Web Master Thomas Lot
Contact: [email protected]

140 Quai du Sartel
59100 Roubaix, France 

Commercial Register ID: 504 670 282 RCS Nanterre
VAT ID: FR35504670282
CNIL Registration:  1343836


 Founding Team

Thomas Lot

CEO. His 15 years’ experience as the leader of companies such as Apple France, Amazon Europe and Geopost has convinced him of the richness of all kinds of contacts for every executive. Thomas manages the company operations.


Oleg Sidko

CTO. With his company iRessources, he develops our technological components. Oleg brings over 10 years' experience on the Internet as a Project Manager at Spectec (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) and as Chief Technology Officer of Tekora (Paris, France). 


Thierry Charbonnel

Designer. He brings his expertise in marketing, graphics, and ergonomics. After several years in advertising agencies, Thierry founded - Autre Planète - a creative studio dedicated to Internet service. He has recently moved to New York.  

Many experts and friends have also greatly contributed.


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