Feed your database with verified executive data



Organizational Charts of Global Fortune 500 companies. This data feed provides weekly unmatchable insights on how the largest public and private companies develop their markets by products and by regions. 

Daily Executive Movements at S&P 500 companies. This data feed provides 10 times more executive movements than usually available on financial sites for the 500 most succesful US-listed companies. 

Over 100 data fields are available for your selection. 


Your personalized data set can be on your server next week:

1. Please share with us your project at: contact@theofficialboard.com. The more you can tell us about your project, the better we will be able to assist you with suggestions. We can sign an NDA to make you fully comfortable.

2. You will promptly receive our proposal detailing our suggested set of data fields for your expected set of companies' executives (e.g., all the executive names with their business titles and their company phone number at the pharma industry in North America, EMEA and APAC). 

3. A 3-page data feed agreement will be sent for your review. It will include the data to be delivered, the budget and the permitted use of this data. If you like it, we will build your API and start feeding your server. Our unique purpose is to satisfy you so much that you will renew your subscription.


What options?

Our verified data (Data) can be delivered on your company servers through custom API or by email.The file formats include XML, Excel, JPEG and PDF.

It can updated instantly, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

The Data can be used for your internal needs. Example: Some customers feed their CRMs with our organizational charts to help their salesforce have a broader understanding of the executives associated with their accounts (Account Based Management). 

The Data can also be used for your external needs. Example: Some customers provide SaaS applications powered by their algorithms to let their customers to find business opportunities; Other customers display our organizational charts to complement their existing information that they provide their subscribers (e.g., Dow Jones and Lexis Nexis).

What budget?
The annual cost for a data feed agreement starts at $9,990. This feed includes weekly updates during 12 months for internal use and covers up to 10,000 companies and 100,000 decision-makers.

Below this amount it is not worth our mutual time. You will be much better off starting with Premium or VIP accesses and then decide whether your want to upgrade. 

Most of customers end up paying between $20k and $80k a year. It depends on the number of companies and the data fields they request. The rule of thumb is 1$ per company org chart per year.


To learn more, please mail at: contact@theofficialboard.com.

Customized SaaS access and Individual access are also available.